Icerock Evolit To Lady Fleece Jacket

Icerock Evolit To Lady Fleece Jacket

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ICEROCK evolit to LADY fleece jacket

EVO-TEX 300 thermal insulation made from high polar model.

The elbow below the shoulder and evo-tex fabric is backed with especially this part water, wind, and abrasion against has been strengthened even more.

Compressing the elastic in the waist ruffles in the lower side can prevent cold air from entering into the jacket.

One to the chest and two zippered side pockets.

Snagging and pelletizing issue is not with quality, and offers a comfortable fit thanks to its antibacterial properties.

Used in the product of the polar Dual Anti Pilling feature (feature tuylenmez the inner and outer part.)


Body options : XS / S / M / L / XL


Color Options : Black / Red / Indigo Blue / Purple


Accessories : YKK zipper

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