Micro Fleece Sweater Evolit Visitors Mrs - Grey

Micro Fleece Sweater Evolit Visitors Mrs - Grey

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Evo-tex® 200 fleece fabric made from or in the city on your own or in the nature of this slim sweatshirt ideal for use in outer layer

Visitors evolit 200 Evo-tex® fleece fabric feature minimize heat loss from your body. Soft and comfortable without limiting your ability to move with the segment structure that offers convenient operation

Fabric: Evo-tex 100 Polyester polar antipiling
Weight: 270 gr.

• Vortex® 200 weight fabric provides good thermal insulation according to microbes, when wet, dries quickly, tissues, a small amount of water and high breathability.
Front zipper facilitates ventilation and to make it easier to both wear and remove when needed.
Partial zipper to avoid discomfort from the neck is protected.
Tzip (zipper) is windless and dry weather in a sweatshirt alone or water / wind proof layer under that you can use in all weather conditions. According to weight good thermal insulation properties and very high breathability thanks to the jacket's outer layer is suitable for use in outdoor sports.

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