Pants Kern California

Pants Kern California

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Kern, California, United

Versatile can be used in the region thanks to the improved elasticity of the joint, it maximizes the mobility. BI-elastic polyamide, ripstop CORDURA ®. the fabric is manufactured.

Elastic waist belt is designed according to the use.

Designed for trekking and hiking, practical, versatile pants.

Is ideal for traveling. The last of the materials genercion Hybrid, 100 Bielastisch against tearing and polyamide Cordura ® nylon is manufactured using.

In addition to keeping the body dry and comfortable full freedom of movement by providing appropriate design.

Compatible with elastic waistband, zippered examines.

The body temperature always optimal to keep the appropriate level by throwing out usutmez you sweat during activity.

General use: your goal, trekking, outdoor activities to do in the mountains or go hunting in the spring and summer, however, Kern United will be your favorite for this season


NRGY X-Stretch

Ergonomics for demanding sports to improve elastic properties. Excellent water-repellent and wind-resistant performance. Moisture permeability allows perspiration to evaporate during intense physical activity. Anti-bacterial treatment. Lighter for maximum comfort and soft structure. Woven fiber with high resistance to abrasion of polyamide composition.

CORDURA® Light Stretch

Cordura ® branded nylon 6.6 fabrics used in a wide range of there are a large number of products.

Cordura ® fabrics of the main features include: durability, high tensile strength, tear and abrasion resistant.

Grifone ® different weights in Cordura ® fabrics there is a wide range of.




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