The First Floor Half Zippered Fleece Sweat Shirts Elna

The First Floor Half Zippered Fleece Sweat Shirts Elna

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The first floor Lady JKT ELNA.

Properties with high Technical Polartec ® Power Stretch ® women's shirt. Can be used as inner or outer layer.

The rear part is longer, tall zipper.

Availability: trekking tours, spring walks or you can use in your daily life.

The frequency in each area will provide you our dynamic structure.

You feel the lightness and the softness of the inner layer will make you feel happy.


Polartec ® Power Stretch ®

Breathability stretch fabric that is compatible with the perfect body. Provides warmth without the weight and allow skin to dry. On the outside is durable,wind resistant, high abrasion resistance and a soft layer.

Provides two unique surfaces with a special structure.

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